Why SMBs and small retailers should invest in a cloud-based POS system

For customers, waiting in line is the hardest part. A new study from Forrester Research and Digimarc finds that the checkout line and experience can influence the shopping decisions of almost 40% of shoppers. So if your business can't make the buying process quick, easy, and convenient, they will go elsewhere.

There are lots of examples that highlight the importance of embracing this change. Toys "R" Us, a multinational toy retailer, became a household name by providing a more diverse selection of toys under one roof. Then along came Amazon and provided customers with more convenience, speed, and choice, and put them out of business.

Not even big retailers, even SMBs are facing stiff competition from eCommerce giants and online marketplaces. So how can a small-scale retailer like you gain a competitive advantage? The answer is simple! Start embracing technology and use it to streamline your business and improve the customer experience.

One of those technologies is a cloud-based retail POS system, which can significantly improve business processes, save time, and increase revenue. However, most retailers still think investing in a digital point-of-sale system is an overwhelming, technology-heavy, and costly affair. Thankfully, that's not true!

Unlike traditional POS, cloud POS systems are web-based, —giving you the convenience of running the system on any device for 24*7 connectivity and 100% uptime. There are no bulky servers or pricy software systems —with your transaction data securely stored in the cloud. They’re quite easy to use and maintain since there is no need to spend too much on hardware and training.

These systems can help you manage everything, from efficiently tracking inventory and processing payments to accounting and handling employee management. You can customise them per your industry to streamline daily operations and increase foot traffic to enhance profitability and visibility.

To put it in layman terms, let’s take the same scenario with Tagrain Cloud POS system:

See how quick, seamless and customer-centric the whole interaction has become with a cloud POS system. By checking stock and processing sales with available discounts in just a few clicks, you can easily provide customers with a more memorable shopping experience.

And that’s just the start! You can also track and record customer information for promotions, sign them up for reward programs and reorder to avoid stock running low. So if you use your POS system to the fullest extent possible, you’ll operate far more efficiently and generate higher profits.

So what are you waiting for? Start Tagrain’s 14-day free trial and set up your in-store cloud POS system in no time. Better inventory management, increased foot traffic, and much more are just a click away!

Bicheng Gu
Bicheng Gu
Product Analyst at Tagrain