Drive repeat business with built-in customer management & loyalty solution

Capture customer details, track purchase history, manage loyalty and streamline marketing to give your customers a great brand experience and grow your bottom line.


Turn buyers into regulars with advanced CRM features

One-off sales are great, but loyal customers are what help you grow your bottom line. Tagrain’s customer management can help you personalise marketing, maintain curated profiles or set up loyalty and promotional offers to boost retention and repeat sales. So, you can easily scale your personalisation efforts and create brand advocates, not just one-off sales.

Capitalise on customer data

Record and update customer information to keep track of their purchase history and tailor your marketing and promotions.

  • Record and update customer information during checkout or at the Back Office.
  • Capture customer contact details with the option to email them their receipt.
  • Manage customer profiles to curate their purchase history, loyalty and account balances.
  • Import your customer lists using bulk upload to get everything up and running in no time.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Drive engagement with groups

Save time and resources by easily classifying your customers into different groups for seamless reporting and effective targeting.

  • Categorise your customers based on their past shopping history and brand interactions.
  • Identify your most loyal customers and add them to relevant segments automatically.
  • Use groups to increase guest retention by providing personalised customer service.
  • Reward your most valuable customers with exclusive discounts or targeted promotions.

Increase revenue with credits

Increase average order size and guest retention with flexible payment solutions that allow your customers the flexibility and freedom to buy what they want.

  • Define credit limits for your customers and track on-account balances and sales.
  • Carry out Business to Business transactions with payments made by credit term.
  • Allow On-Account payment to let your loyal customers make a pre-purchase and pay later.
  • Issue store credit as a goodwill gesture or in case of a refund to keep customers coming back.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Build loyal customer relationships

Establish a simple and easy-to-explain loyalty program to reward your regular customers and encourage them to return and do more business with you.

  • Easily manage a loyalty program that also makes it easy for customers to join.
  • Set up a Point Conversion Ratio to let customers earn and redeem points.
  • Offer standard loyalty reward rates, or allow custom points for special products.
  • Send a welcome email to those customers who have enrolled in the loyalty program.