Make smart business decisions with nifty POS reporting and real-time retail dashboards

Track every aspect of your business with simple charts, graphs and an intuitive retail dashboard for more insight into your numbers and make informed business decisions.


Take out the guesswork with a POS Reporting Software

A lack of proper reporting costs you business since you’re making critical decisions without any insights to fuel your strategies. Get the competitive edge you need by shining a light across all operations with retail POS reporting software. Whether you want a complete overview or get down to the nitty-gritty, Tagrain gives you all the information you need at lightning speed.

Get more visibility with intuitive retail dashboards you’ll love to use

Get an overview of your entire business at a glance with our user-friendly retail dashboards that are easy to navigate and include the most vital information about your business.

  • Check business health across 3 performance indicators in the form of statistics and reports.
  • Track total sales, transactions, credit given, customers added, and payments received.
  • Identify your top-selling products and top-spending customers for better, quicker targeting.
  • Charts and graphs for simpler and less intimidating data visualisations than a spreadsheet.
  • 24*7 real-time cloud sync so you can stay up-to-date with your business from anywhere.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Get actionable sales reports to boost sales and prevent losses

Stay in control of your business with real-time revenue reports. Analyse sales performance across all of the stores by location, product and salesperson.

  • Get a summary of sales in a store or POS based on Product, Customer or Cashier.
  • Review and monitor all transactions with a ledger report that lists all transactions.
  • Monitor all orders that are either delivered or pending delivery or pending store pickup.
  • Set sales targets at the store level, for a product group, or a cashier to ensure faster growth.

Stay on top of your stock situation to make better purchasing decisions

Track stock on hand and inventory levels at a glance and monitor stock levels across all stores, categories, or other chosen parameters to avoid the out-of-stock situation.

  • Track item costs and product inventory across all store locations in real-time.
  • Inventory reports to analyse the stock status, including Quantity sold, pending and reserved.
  • Monitor the inventory across stores to know the actual inventory count across all the stores.
  • Review all changes to the inventory levels, including sales, refunds, goods receipts etc.
  • Maintain a detailed status of this in-transit inventory to track stocks yet to be received.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Get more insights into your customer and their preferences at your fingertips

Get the information about your top customers, their spending behaviour, and what they’re buying to develop effective promotions, marketing strategies, and in-store experiences.

  • Classify your customers into different groups for easy reporting and issuing discounts.
  • Keep track of purchase history, past transactions and more with customer reports.
  • View the total value of sales made by customers as per customer group, date and time.
  • Track gift cards and on-account balances issued to your customers and update their balances.
  • View average order size per customer to increase them through upselling and cross-selling

Never miss a metric with high-quality, in-depth insights into your business

Use information collected from point-of-sale and back-office operations to generate a variety of custom reports about what’s happening in your business.

  • Monitor daily expenses by tracking the cash dispensed on account of expenses.
  • Manage the time & attendance of your staff by defining their roster or shifts for productivity.
  • Review average inventory costing of your products to understand your margins and growth.
  • Keep track of seasonal sales with retail calendar, seasonality and sell-through reporting.
  • X Tape and Z Tape reports to summarise sales, refunds, and other till operations to reconcile cash and payments.
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Key POS Software features that you simply can't ignore