Sell more goods and do more good with cloud POS software for
charity stores

With features tailored for charity retail, thrift shops and goodwill stores, Tagrain can help streamline every part of your business, from accepting donated goods to selling and everything in between.


A reliable online POS system to support your vision

As a charity shop owner, you need a tailored retail solution to support your unique business. Our feature-rich POS software can process large volumes of sales transactions quickly, an interactive dashboard that's easy for volunteers/staff to learn or use and merchandising tools to sell donated and purchased goods in-store immediately.

Spend more time on what truly matters

Our intuitive POS system is easy to learn and use, so you and your volunteers should be spending your time doing good, instead of tinkering with technology.

  • A simple, clean, and intuitive design.
  • User-friendly interface and dashboards.
  • Reduce admin and train staff in minutes.
  • Spend more time selling and less time learning.
  • Find products by product name, id, stock number or barcode.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Sell Products and accept donations in no time

Since most items are donated, they must be sorted, tagged and priced without any reference. Tagrain’s inventory management with matrix layout lets you easily manage both donated and purchased goods.

  • Merchandising tools to manage a central product catalogue.
  • Matrix inventory grid to manage multi-attribute items and reuse attributes.
  • Record and update information related to stocks, track serial numbers.
  • Identify the best-selling product, track product costs and profit margins.
  • Easily transfer goods and monitor product levels across stores.

Gain Insights to help your organisation flourish

Tagrain’s powerful reporting capabilities can shed light on what’s driving sales and growth in your non-profit, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Real-time revenue reports and insights into your business performance.
  • Generate sales and store reports by item, cashier, and others.
  • Analyse sales history and stock variances to find your top-selling categories.
  • View inventory and sales transactions in minute detail to assess activity levels.
  • Define roles for administrators and volunteers to track individual sales and activities.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Find your biggest and regular supporters

Whether you’re looking to learn more about what products are selling fast or who your most loyal patrons are, Tagrain can give you the data and insights you need.

  • Record and update information, such as name, contact, email and birthdays.
  • Classify your customers into different groups for easy reporting and targeting.
  • Assign sales and track purchases to manage promotions and discounts.
  • Know your top customers, their spending behaviour, and what they’re buying.
  • Built-in loyalty and marketing programs to keep customers coming back.

Caring is less demanding and more rewarding with Tagrain

Desktop PC

Whether you’re thriving charity retail or just starting out, we invite you to discover the simplicity, functionality and security that makes Tagrain one of the industry’s most sought-after retail solutions. Get in touch to schedule a free demo and learn how our innovative POS software can help make your operation more effective and easy to manage.