A reliable mobile POS system to
sell on-the-go

Engage customers, find products and ring up sales on the sales floor with an intuitive mobile POS system – optimised for iPad and Android tablets.

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Go mobile to meet customers' need for convenience

To sell more goods, you need to meet customers where they are, and only mobility can get you there. Harness the power of Tagrain mobile POS to deliver a quick and memorable checkout experience on the go and sell wherever your customers are ready to buy, including events, flea markets and trade shows.

Same power, smaller size

Our mobile POS performs critical functions like sales and transactions as same as our web version but on portable handheld devices, such as iPad and Android tablets. With our plug-and-play iPad and Android tablet apps, you’ll be ready in a matter of minutes to:

  • Sell anytime, anywhere
  • Greet shoppers on the sales floor
  • Ditch checkout counter to sell on the move
  • Evolve the entire customer experience
  • Streamline the checkout process
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

iPad/Android Tablet Apps

Access Tagrain using our iPad or Android tablet apps to use native features of iOS and Android devices and sell on the go.

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Web-based App

Use Tagrain in any device that has active internet connection by opening our web app in a browser, and you're in business.



Go beyond cash registers to boost business

Tagrain is much more than just a compact POS system. It also comes loaded with features that let you enhance the guest experience in real-time, streamline operations and boost sales with accuracy.

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Become a retailer of future, today

Bring your retail operation into the digital world with our cloud-based mobile POS that offers 100% availability, meaning you can close more sales faster and with zero downtime. This also helps you access crucial data on the go and keep selling even without the internet.

Move freely to sell quickly

Equipped with wireless POS devices, you and your employees can meet your customers wherever they are. Resolve any query they have right on the spot as you get all the information right at your fingertips.

Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Check out without the checkout line

Bust up big lines and prevent abandoned sales with a floating cash register. Deliver better, quicker checkout experience by setting up multiple POS in the store and processing sales at the point of decision.

Hardware isn’t hard, but easier than ever

With Tagrain, one piece of hardware is all you need to sell quicker and grow further. Transform your hand-held device into a full-fledged POS system that can scan barcodes, process sales and issue e-receipts. Still, there’s one major decision you’ll have to make, which is choosing between iPad vs Android tablet.

Know what makes the iPad POS system an ideal choice for your retail business.


Know why Android POS systems are perfect for small-scale retailers like you.


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Sell more with offline mode

No need to worry about spotty internet, which is perfect for when you need to sell on the move. Continue making sales even when your device is offline and it will automatically sync with the cloud once your POS is online.

Get more integration options

Streamline your entire business without aggregating information from various operations. Use your POS software to seamlessly connect the front and back of your store along with your online store.

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Desktop PC

Secure your bottom line

Tagrain comes with personalised pricing to help you scale your business at your convenience. Start with the COMMUNITY plan that's forever free or upgrade to add more feature plugins as per your needs.

Go mobile with Tagrain in 3-simple steps

Move on from the traditional checkout counter and join your customers on the sales floor in 3-simple steps.