A complete Android Tablet POS for today’s businesses

With a sleek design, intuitive interface and portability, Tagrain Android tablet POS system helps you streamline all aspects of your business and turn every sale into an upsell.


A new-age point of sale software to empower small-scale retailers for growth

Simple, sleeker, better

Fast, flexible and easy to use, the Tagrain App for Android Tablets has been specially designed to help you boost sales, expand business and maximise profits.

Save time

Leveraging mobile technology is instinctual to you and your employees, so set up and training will now take minutes, not hours.

Easy to use

From intuitive dashboards to uncomplicated reports that simplify data, Tagrain helps you make any business decisions with confidence.

Lower costs

Tagrain turns every piece of information into actionable insights, so you know where your true profits are and can uncover hidden costs.

Hardware’s easy

Tagrain Android Tablet App provides a complete POS experience in your tablet. So one device is all you need to cover all your business needs.

No constraints

The portability and wireless connectivity of Android tablets give you the flexibility needed to sell anytime, anywhere or run your business on the go.

Get everything at your fingertips

Tagrain has the features you need to meet your goals, simplicity to save time and tools that empower you to make better decisions faster.

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Get the whole package

Tagrain turns your Android tablet into a powerful retail tool that can fit in the palm of your hand, and allows you to manage all aspects of your retail business, including checkout, loyalty, inventory and back-office.

Turn every shopper into a customer

Meet customers on the sales floor with a sleek tablet device that provides you with all the retail-critical information and also works as a portable POS system so you can complete transactions without wasting time.

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Why Tagrain for Android tablets?

  • Easy-to-use, plug and play cloud-based point-of-sale Android tablet app.
  • A feature-rich solution for all sizes and types of business.
  • A personalised pricing and industry-critical features as plugins.
  • Flexibility to choose between monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • 100% uptime with secure cloud backup for uninterrupted service.
  • Access your store data anytime from the cloud on your Android tablet.
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Sell without any interference

Even when your Internet/Wifi is up or down, Tagrain POS app for Android Tablets continues to work to ensure your store operates continuously. All your data will be synchronised to the cloud when the network returns.

Grow with total confidence

You never stop being a small business owner, and we never stop supporting you. Start small with our COMMUNITY plan, which is forever free, or upgrade to access powerful, business-building tools in the form of plugins when you need them.

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No matter your industry, we can help you thrive

No matter the type or size, Tagrain Android Tablet POS system will get you covered. Learn more about how Tagrain can work well for you by selecting the below descriptions that best fit your retail business.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

Move on from the traditional checkout counter and join your customers on the sales floor in 3-simple steps.

Are you ready to start selling? Try Tagrain free for 14 days