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Gain a competitive edge in the retail space by integrating your Tagrain POS system with other business-critical software, solutions and platforms.


Establish robust connections for flawless retail results

With Tagrain as the center of your operations, you can create an end-to-end POS solution that ties all of your applications together, making everyday tasks smoother, faster, and error-free.

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Xero, a popular accounting software, helps you keep your finances in check and also provides you with real-time insights into your business health. Tagrain integrates seamlessly with Xero to boost productivity, sharing everything from daily sales to payment totals and customer details without any manual effort on your part.

  • Keep your contacts and customers in sync between the two platforms. Customer updates flow seamlessly between the two.
  • Gain additional insights into your business with a more detailed report on sales, revenues and profit margins.
  • Use either Tagrain or Xero to create invoices, receive payments, monitor outstanding purchases and overdue accounts.
  • Track and compare the performance of all your stores and sales channels.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC


Shopify is the ultimate eCommerce solution for small-scale retailers looking for unparalleled reliability and flexibility to drive scalability. Tagrain is readily available to connect with Shopify, enabling you to sell and grow across both online and offline channels.

  • Connect your online store with your retail store in minutes.
  • Sync products between both stores so you will only sell the stock you have.
  • Sync customer data between the applications to ensure less admin time and avoid double-entry.
  • Track sales and your customer base on both online and in-store sales channels.
  • Get orders, make sales, receive new stock, and complete a count either using Tagrain or Shopify.
  • Sales ledger and inventory sync automatically across Shopify locations and Tagrain stores.


Stop worrying about tedious month-end accounting with QuickBooks, a powerful business resource tool that lets you track and manage everything from business payments to utility bills and payroll functions. Tagrain QuickBooks integration allows you to sync the front end of your store with the back office, making your reconciliations faster and better.

  • Keep track of your store’s daily sales, payment totals, expenses, and more.
  • Simplify your bank reconciliations to help you keep more of what you earn.
  • Customise your invoices to engage customers and manage business payments.
  • Additional insights into your business with real-time reports on sales, revenues, and profit margins.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC


Take your retail business to new heights with WooCommerce, a complete, customisable eCommerce solution that’s perfect for building a web store to complement your retail store. You will soon be able to connect your WooCommerce store with Tagrain, enabling you to make the most of your web store with a brilliant point-of-sale.

  • A highly customisable solution that can be tailored to your business.
  • Real-time synchronisation for orders, products, customers & inventory
  • Seamless checkout experience in both online and offline store
  • Inventory, customers, and sales are updated instantly on both platform

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