Take control of your stock with a robust inventory management software

Stay on top of your stock situation with a powerful inventory management and features to increase your inventory turnover and sell-through rate for more profitability..


Inventory made simple for all retail environments

Inefficient inventory and supply chain processes cost you sales and hurt your profit margins. Make your products work for you with Tagrain's inventory control features that make it a breeze to manage everything. Gain enhanced inventory visibility with real-time stock status, keep consistent inventory pricing across locations, and automate your most complex jobs.

Product management

Make merchandising easier with a central, cloud-based catalogue so you and your team can access accurate store-stock data to execute seamless checkout and effective in-store processes.

  • Add unlimited products as our system is optimised to handle large amounts of inventory.
  • Keep track of item costs and inventory levels across all store locations in real-time.
  • Manage product variants by creating or reusing product attributes for colours, sizes, etc.
  • Easily view products by quickly searching or scanning items to process sales transactions.
  • Manage one central product catalogue to effortlessly add products to sales, purchase orders, or stock-takes.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Supplier management

Your supplier is not just a vendor but your business partner in making you run your store successfully. Streamline the entire supply chain to protect your business from supply chain risks and improve sustainability.

  • Add, import, or export vendor records to view and edit their data for reporting and administration purposes
  • Manage your supplier details and categorise them into appropriate categories.
  • Allocate suppliers to specific products, so there is one less thing you need to track.
  • Send Purchase Order to your supplier on an email specified in vendor's address details.
  • Issue supplier purchase orders and process goods receipts linked to each order.

Purchase management

It's not easy to manage multiple suppliers and ordering processes. Tagrain makes it easier by centralising purchasing to formalise stock procurement and increase process efficiencies.

  • Create or upload goods receipt documentation to receive inventory at any store location.
  • Receive goods against the Purchase Orders and record goods returned to vendors.
  • Record all types of goods receipts for returning goods and adjusting inventory levels.
  • Reduce duplication of data entry by converting the Purchase Order to a Goods Receipt.
  • Receive products in multiple shipments to ensure consistent data across multiple receipts.
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Stock movement management

Business spread across multiple locations requires enhanced visibility and seamless movement of stock. Have the right stock available in the right place at the right time with Tagrain.

  • Monitor the quantity of each item to prevent overstocking/understocking and profit loss.
  • Track inventory distribution and monitor perishable products with goods issue documents.
  • Easily transfer goods from one store to another, and monitor product levels across stores.
  • Request and receive stocks and create stock transfer receipts for seamless receiving.
  • Maintain a detailed status of this in-transit inventory for a clear view of the goods movement.