Grocery and bakery point of sale software for the small retail businesses

Provide high-quality, fast and efficient check-out experience to daily essential shoppers with Tagrain

Grocery and Bakeries point of sale software for the changing world

Provide high-quality, fast and efficient check-out experience to daily essential shoppers with Tagrain

Stock up, sell and maximize profit with Tagrain POS system for grocers and bakers

In the grocery and bakery retails, proper inventory management is a key for maximizing revenue and maintaining high customer service standards. Most of the grocery items are consumable with limited shelf lives that lead to a lack of sales if not managed efficiently.

With Tagrain, you get the power to execute this complex process effortlessly. Whether you run a kiosk, small shop, or a minimart, our POS system is designed to optimize inventory, track sales, boost up the checkout process and advance your service strategy with intuitive reports and dashboards.


Stock up as and when needed

Tagrain inventory management solution offers features such as a user-definable unit of measurement (UOM), simplified purchase order creation, multi-supplier and multi-manufacturer support, repackaging and resizing of items, track inventory movement from one store to other and many more to manage your store effortlessly. Tagrain allows you to find the right product mix to meet sales goals and maximize revenue for your store and save time and resources by setting up automatic replenishment of standard stock.

A powerful POS Software to make you successful

Tagrain offers everything you need to run a successful grocery and bakery store with the ability to add unlimited products, suppliers, categories and transactions. Tagrain’s complete suite of POS features is unparalleled and it empowers you to deliver the best customer experience at every checkout with great accuracy and speed.

Speedy checkout with multiple payment methods

Our commitment is to provide a robust system with zero downtime to our customers that guarantees that there will be no loss of speed or accuracy even during peak hours. Tagrain allows you to accept multiple payment methods such as cash, credit or debit cards, gift cards, loyalty points, store credits, and more. With so many options to collect a payment, your checkout process is going to be a breeze, meaning more money in your account.

Happy customers means more business

Tagrain allows you to store and manage customer data such as name, email, phone, birthday, anniversary, etc. and purchase history that helps you to personalize the experience when you plan for marketing and advertising. With its customer-centric features, Tagrain can help boost your revenue potential in the long run by amplifying customer retention.

Store health report cards at your fingertips

Tagrain dashboards are very intuitive and easy-to-use with extensive capabilities for producing accurate and real-time information so that you can make timely and correct decisions. You can customize by adding, removing, resizing the variety of reports available at your disposal and view the report that matters to you every day.

Pricing plans tailored to your business needs

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USD 29

CAD 39

AUD 39

NZD 39

SGD 29

ZAR 399

GBP 19

INR 799



MYR 79

PHP 799

THB 499

HKD 199

Per Month. Billed Annually.


USD 79

CAD 89

AUD 89

NZD 89

SGD 69

ZAR 799

GBP 49

INR 1599



MYR 159

PHP 1599

THB 999

HKD 399

Per Month. Billed Annually.

Powerful and easy-to-use POS solution

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