Break free from accounting worries with Tagrain & Xero

Connect the front-end of your store with your back office by seamlessly sharing data between your Tagrain POS system and Xero account to save time, money and do good business.


Keep your finances in check with better data, smart decisions and less manual work

Simplify your retail business by keeping your Tagrain POS system and Xero accounting platform in sync so you can automate financial reporting, save time and reduce administrative costs.

Easy setup

Connect your Tagrain POS software and Xero within minutes to start managing transactions, invoices, and cash flow with much more ease.

Streamline business

Tagrain POS seamlessly syncs your daily register and x-/z- reports to Xero so you can analyse sales by any category as you see fit.

Cloud integration

Run your business on the go as you can keep track of business analytics on the cloud wherever you want, either in Tagrain POS or Xero.

Quick transfer

Synchronise costs, daily sales, payment totals and revenue numbers between Xero and Tagrain POS to save efforts in manual entry.

Make bookkeeping a breeze with Tagrain

Tagrain's integration with Xero, a popular accounting software designed specifically for small businesses, has all you need to keep finances in check. So you won't have to spend countless hours doing manual reconciliations and manual data entry, meaning you get to spend more time looking after customers and running your business.

  • Easy bookkeeping
  • Accurate and timely sync
  • Cash flow management
  • Auto-tally of transactions
  • Option to collaborate with accountant and bookkeeper
Desktop PC
Desktop PC

Sync more to know more and do more

By enabling direct syncing of data between Tagrain and Xero, manual entry of financial figures from your POS into your Accounts Package will become a thing of the past. Master data and transactional data is exchanged between Xero and Tagrain to ease your accounting procedures and reduce the need for double data-entry.

  • Synchronise Customers
  • Synchronise Products
  • Manage sales and Refund
  • Track store Cash movement
  • Synchronise Inventory

And that’s not all! You also get to share your sales, refunds, payments and transactions like floating expenses, cash in, cash out, till variance and so much more from Tagrain to Xero in real-time.


With Tagrain, integration is as easy as 1-2-3

With integration that works like plugins, you can activate it with a click of a button and get started in minutes. Connect Tagrain POS with the Xero accounting platform to manage products, prices, and customer data in either of the applications.

  • Simply link your Xero account from within Tagrain POS
  • Select the relevant information you would like to sync
  • TADA! You're good to go.

Book a 1-on-1 session with our retail specialists to understand how you can utilise this integration to automate your retail operations for the better.

Desktop PC

Pricing plan that suits you and your business

Our integration comes as a “Pay-For-What-You-Use” solution so you can start benefiting from it without worrying about your bottom line. Plus, you get the flexibility to choose between monthly or annual subscription plans as per your convenience.

Ready To Get Started?

If you’ve already subscribed to the ENTERPRISE plan, log in to Tagrain, activate Shopify, select your settings and let the integration do the rest. If you’re a new COMMUNITY user, upgrade to ENTERPRISE and check out our step-by-step guide to get your POS ready for business, both online and in-store, in no time.


Frequently asked questions about Tagrain and Xero integration

1How can I subscribe to the Xero integration plugin?
The Plugin is available to all customers subscribed to the ENTERPRISE edition. You can subscribe to this Plugin from the Plugins menu in the application.
2Does this Plugin affect my existing data?
This Plugin will only complement your existing data. Activating this Plugin will add to the existing features and functionality of your Tagrain edition.
3Can I deactivate the Xero integration plugin?
Yes, you can always deactivate this plugin. Even though you deactivate, the Plugin will remain ‘active’ till the next billing cycle.
4What happens to the data after this integration plugin is deactivated?
Once this plugin is deactivated the data will remain till the end of your current billing cycle. At the start of the next billing cycle, the data pertaining to this Plugin will be deleted from the application.
5Will the integration plugin deactivation affect my existing subscription?
Yes, deactivating this Plugin will reduce your subscription amount for your next billing cycle. The reduction in amount will be dependent on your edition and billing cycle.
6Can I activate the Xero integration plugin again?
Yes. There are 2 cases here. 1. You have deactivated the Plugin and want to activate it back BEFORE the end of your current billing cycle. In this case, you just need to click the Activate button and the Plugin will get activated. 2. You want to activate this Plugin AFTER the billing cycle is complete. In this case, you will have to again subscribe to the Plugin through the normal subscription process.
7How long will my Xero integration data be kept after deactivation?
As long as the date on which you clicked the ‘deactivate’ button is BEFORE the current subscription renewal date, the data pertaining to this Plugin will be retained. After that, the data pertaining to this Plugin will be deleted.

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