A powerful and intuitive iPad POS for retailers of all sizes

Sell, manage and run your business on the go with a feature-rich iPad POS that's agile, lightweight and works offline!


A new-age point of sale software to empower small-scale retailers for growth

Same features, sleeker device

Reimagine your store layout by replacing bulky checkout counters with sleek iPad POS devices to visualise your catalogue beautifully, put floor space to better use and sell on the go.



Customer & loyalty management

Safe, secure & 100% uptime

Multiple payments types

Multi-store ready

Integrates with industry-leading tools

Change how everyone interacts with your business

Prefered by shop owners, store managers, cashiers, and even customers, Tagrain’s free iPad app turns your compact iPad into a complete POS to make customer interactions smoother and more delightful than ever.

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Run your business at your fingertips

The portability of your iPad combined with the functionality of Tagrain gives you a compact POS that you can use to ring up sales on the floor, manage inventory, or even sync with other platforms.

Takes hard out of hardware

One piece of hardware is all you need for everything your business needs. Use one iPad for processing transactions, scanning barcodes and issuing e-receipts to keep your hardware costs low.

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Never miss out on a sale ever

Tagrain iPad POS works offline so you can take your business anywhere without worrying about spotty internet. Once your POS gets online, all store's data will automatically get stored into the cloud.

Grow with us without breaking your bank

From streamlining operations with pay-as-you-grow plugins to going multichannel with out-of-box integrations – Tagrain gives you the flexibility to grow efficiently without spending exponentially.

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Why is Tagrain iPad POS the right choice for your business?

  • Easy-to-use, plug and play cloud-based point-of-sale for iPad.
  • A feature-rich solution for all sizes and types of business.
  • Personalised pricing and industry-critical features as plugins.
  • Flexibility to choose between monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • 100% uptime with secure cloud backup for uninterrupted service.
  • Access your store data from the cloud anytime on your iPad.
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Desktop PC

It's not just an app -- It's an entire experience

Tagrain for iPad is more than just a pretty app. It's simple to use yet modern in design so it fits perfectly in any business environment. Tell us what you sell, and we'll tell you how we can help.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

Move on from the traditional checkout counter and join your customers on the sales floor in 3-simple steps.

Are you ready to start selling? Try Tagrain free for 14 days