Sell more products and delight every walk-ins with the right discounts and offers

In a research report from BigCommerce, experts have found that promotions can lift your conversion rates by up to 3150% !

Retail businesses are now looking for new ways to attract more customers and maintain loyal ones. That’s why there's a growing demand for a cloud-based Point of Sale system that can do more than streamline sales and daily tasks. You need a solution that can also help you run successful promotions, which is why we're launching a new feature plugin that enables Tagrain users to sell more products and delight every walk-ins.

Boost sales and traffic with promotion management

We’re thrilled to introduce Offers, Discounts and Pricing Management, an easy-to-use promotion management tool to set up discounts in just a few simple clicks. Now you can easily run in-store discounts and set up offers on all or selected products that influence customers’ purchasing decisions to drive sales.

With this plugin, you can:

  1. Drive more walk-ins and sales: The right discount or perk not only attracts new customers but also increases your sales and conversions. That's why running a promotion is critical for getting more business, especially during the busy and competitive holiday season.
  2. Move inventory quickly: Every retailer knows their biggest challenge is getting rid of slow-moving stock. That's where promotion can help since it could be just the thing to get your stuck inventory to fly off the shelves.
  3. Delight more customers: Promotions can help build loyalty with customers and make your newest buyers feel welcome. You can run targeted offers with personalised discounts and perks for specific Customer Groups.
  4. Encourage impulse purchases: People spend more when they're getting a good deal. You can run your promotions on the Customer-facing Display to drive impulse buy and average order size at the checkout.
  5. Upsell and cross-sell: Customers often try a higher-priced or new product if it has a good deal or complimentary product. So, you can get more opportunities to cross-sell merchandising by running promotions on items that complement your best-selling products.

What types of promotions are available?

Shoppers love a good deal, and there are so many great ways to persuade customers to spend more. This plugin includes multiple promotion types you need as a retailer to launch new products, welcome a new season into your store, increase customer loyalty, or clear out old merchandise.

And that’s not all! You won't have to remember all the promotions that you’re currently running in the shop. Your live promotions will get automatically deployed to relevant products, customers, or outlets as they’re added into Tagrain. No spreadsheets, bulky uploads or manual checking necessary!

If you’d like to learn more about these promotions and the plugin, check out our help article for more detailed information or take a 14-days free trial to experience Tagrain’s benefits firsthand.

Happy selling & upscaling!