Save time, money and do good business with Tagrain & Xero integration

Every retail business, be it large or small, has to keep records of their cash movements, sales, taxes, and revenue to streamline business operations and accounting processes. However, it’s tough for SMEs to manually do all this and then perform transaction matching, workflow tasks, and reconciliations of spreadsheets. This brings Tagrain POS system, a staple solution for small-scale retailers worldwide, into the picture.

We're thrilled to announce that the Tagrain POS system's latest integration with Xero's accounting platform is now live. Using Tagrain together with Xero means sales, customer and all cash-related data flow seamlessly between the two systems, thus reducing the overheads and administration required to manage the financial side of your retail business.

Simplify your retail operations even further!

With this integration, you get to connect the front-end of your store with your back office and seamlessly share data without any entry errors or redundancy. It would also lead you to focus more on growing your business instead of spending countless hours reviewing and reconciling ledgers manually.

By enabling direct syncing of master data and transactional data between Tagrain and Xero, you get to automate your accounting procedures and standardise the reconciliation process. Also, these automated workflows help avoid discrepancies in general ledgers instead of manually comparing multiple books to accomplish the same.

However, there's so much more this integration can do for your retail business. You also get far greater insights into their profitability and access to benefits like:

  • Accurate visibility of sales and profits in real-time to track how well your business is truly performing.
  • Automate reconciliation so you can be confident that sales, payments, taxes, invoices and cash all sync correctly.
  • Synchronise your front-end and back-end financial operations to save a lot of time over manual processing methods.
  • Focus more on looking after their customers rather than spending hours in admin and spreadsheets.

And that’s not all! This integration also enables Tagrain users to easily collaborate with accountants, bookkeepers & team of experts so you can get the support your business needs to keep things running smoothly no matter what.

Get started in just a few minutes!

You can activate Tagrain and Xero integration with a click of a button and start benefiting from it within minutes. Simply log in to your Tagrain account, activate the integration plugin, select your settings and let the integration do the rest.

Sign up before December 15th and get this integration free for 6 months. Should you have any questions, Tagrain's online support is available 24*7.

Happy selling and upscaling!

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Bicheng Gu
Bicheng Gu
Product Analyst at Tagrain