Tagrain has got even better for retailers with August’22 update release

We are constantly updating Tagrain and looking for new ways to improve our platform and provide you with the best experience possible. So today, I want to talk to you about some exciting things our team has been working on.

As you know, our product updates are mostly based on user feedback because no one knows the system as you do. Similarly, the August 2022 release includes new features and updates requested from our existing user base.

In the last few weeks, we've made the following changes to make Tagrain more flexible for retailers of different shapes and sizes:

New Features Added in Surcharges

High credit card processing fees and shipping charges can cause a significant dent in any retailer's profits. We've added some new Surcharge features that'll secure your profit margins by letting you seamlessly pass these costs to the consumer.

Now you can edit the Surcharges percentage or amount on the Web Register during the Sale/Refund transactions. We've also added a lookup on the Surcharges screen to select the most appropriate tax and a Refundable ON/OFF switch to specify whether the Surcharge is refundable or not.

New Features Added in Suspended Transactions

We've made some new modifications to these transactions that'll benefit your day-to-day operations. You can now print suspended transactions so you can use them as KOTs in hospitality or quotations for items and total estimation of the sale in the automotive parts and the service industry.

New Feature: Refunds role allowed for cashier

Additional access control is provided in the Register, so you have the option to allow a cashier to process refund transactions or not. If the cashier does not have this right, then the refund option will not be visible in the actions list.

New Feature: Country-specific transaction receipt for the Philippines

Retailers want tailor-made solutions, which is why we believe in delivering personalised tools that cater to our user’s requirements. So, if the user's currency is set to Philippine Pesos, their transaction receipt format has been modified to cater to the statutory requirements of the Philippines.

Modifications Related to Refund Transactions

Refunds can be a hassle in logistics and reporting, so we've made a few changes for an efficient refund process and more accurate, thorough record-keeping. Now you can only reprint a completely refunded transaction since the application won’t allow any other actions to the same transaction.

When you select a product for Refund in the transaction grid, you can't select another product or Gift Card for sale in the same transaction. We've also added a separate document numbering series for Refund transactions to ensure that sales and refund transactions appear contiguous for better audit control purposes.

Modifications Related to Stock Transfers

We’ve made additional changes to the inventory transaction reports to give you a complete overview of your stock transfers. You can now check the In-Transit stock quantity in the Inventory Status Report and track inventory movement under Stock transfer and Goods Receipt - Stock Transfer.

To wrap it up

We hope you'll find the updates and features included in this August '22 release helpful for you and your business. In the meantime, you can schedule a call with our customer success experts to discuss in detail, or sign up for a 14-days free trial to make the most of these new updates and features.

Happy selling & upscaling!