Kickstart the year with some great new additions to the Tagrain cloud POS system

At Tagrain, we're committed to helping budding retailers like you to run your store efficiently through improved processes and tools. That's why we're always looking at ways to make our POS system better for you, and that includes bringing you the features you'll love to use.

To start the year on a high, we've introduced great new additions to Tagrain retail POS in the form of plugins. These new feature plugins will help ensure improved inventory planning, enhanced purchase visibility, and a smooth shopping experience– all at once.

But first, please read further to find out more in detail about the features we have recently introduced. So without further ado, here are the three latest features that are now available for Tagrain users:

Customer Orders & Delivery Management

In 2021, we introduced Tagrain's integration with Shopify to connect your shop with the online store. However, taking your store online is the first step towards a complete omnichannel shopping experience.

Now, you may also need to meet customers' needs for convenience while ensuring error-free order fulfilment. To continue to support your growth in 2022, we've introduced a solution that enables you to enhance your service by taking orders and delivering as per customers' demands.

With this plugin, you'll get to:

  • Identify orders from customers and also capture customer-specific instructions.
  • Offer in-store pick up for orders coming through other channels.
  • Offer home or special deliveries with different delivery methods.
  • Track order status in different stages for error-free order fulfilment.
  • Provide tracking information to help customers track the shipment.

Multiple Units of Measure (UoM)

Before today, Tagrain users could only add or sell a product using a default quantity or standard unit. So, you have to create multiple products using different units, which is time-consuming and causes problems during inventory sorting.

However, all of this is now in the past! You can now use the plugin "Multiple Units of Measure (UoM)" to add or sell products in various units of measurement. This gives you the flexibility to use the different packaging quantities for your products, from ordering to selling.

With this plugin, you'll get to:

  • Define multiple UoMs like apiece, box, and cartons for a product.
  • Buy and sell the product in different UoMs defined for the item.
  • Define different pricing based on UoMs
  • Update the UoMs for products at the point of sale

Product Purchase Management

Purchase orders (POs) play a vital role in inventory management, but they also mean more paperwork, which is the last thing any business needs. That's why we've introduced a product purchase system that can help you streamline your procurement process throughout the entire supply chain.

This plugin helps you systematise your purchase and vendor, which allows you to manage your inventory better, increase process efficiencies, and take your business to the next level. Plus, you'll also get to maintain accurate financial records, control costs, drive efficiency and incorporate best business practices.

Using this plugin, you'll be able to:

  • Raise POs on email and receive goods against the POs.
  • Import POs from an Excel spreadsheet into Tagrain.
  • Issue Goods Receipts against POs without duplication.
  • Keep a record of goods returned to vendors.
  • Specify preferred vendors for a product.

To wrap it up

Needless to say, these plugins will allow you to save most of the time spent on purchase orders, inventory sorting and order fulfilment. To start benefiting, subscribe to Tagrain LITE Edition and pay only for the features needed or upgrade to ESSENTIAL with a 14-days free trial that gives you access to powerful, business-building tools at a fixed cost.

In the meantime, We'll continue to add new features to support your growth and provide you with the best experience possible.

Happy selling & upscaling!

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Sudhir Kumar
Sudhir Kumar
Managing Director at Tagrain