Introducing a specialised hospitality POS software for restaurant businesses

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No sector is more volatile and competitive than hospitality. Even in terms of success rate, around half of businesses fail due to wrong location, inexperienced staff, poor customer service, and operational issues. On top of that, most restaurants have to deal with a daily influx of cash, which means traditional methods of accepting payments and transactions isn’t enough.

Introducing Tagrain for Hospitality, a specialised cloud-based restaurant POS system designed specifically for food and beverage serving businesses. Equipped with the latest POS technology cooked to perfection by our hospitality experts, Tagrain POS software works as an end-to-end restaurant management solution that can handle everything, from your order counter to kitchen and tables.

From streamlining your front house operations to organising other essential aspects like kitchen and storage, we have a solution that solves all your challenges while offering quick, high-quality service. Extend your reach and turn more guests into regulars by keeping a record of your customer base and getting reports by category, item, time or payment type to monitor overall trends and ensure nothing gets past you.

Since Tagrain Hospitality is for restaurant businesses, it comes loaded with bespoke hospitality features that can help you keep guests happy until the last call. So without further ado, please read further about the Tagrain retail POS software features that can make your hospitality business better than ever!


Order Management

Tagrain is an easy-to-use, point-of-sale software built to streamline your front-of-house operations. The lesser you make your guests wait for their food, the higher you’ll rank with them. Hence, you can take orders quickly, suggest meal modifiers, define order types and print KOTs on the same system to fulfil orders faster – especially in rush hours. It also has an offline mode, which means you can continue to serve customers even without the internet.


Menu Management

Nowadays, diners expect to customise their meal according to their preferences. Tagrain comes with built-in menu management that allows you to create menu items, add-ons, exciting combos, special menus, and variations with different portions, sizes and toppings. 

Whether it’s combo meals that provide more value to your customers or time-based menus, Tagrain makes sure that you get more satisfied, loyal customers.


Ingredient and Raw Material Management

Tagrain streamlines your back-of-house operations by allowing you to manage your inventory down to the ingredients level. Add multiple products at once and set the quantity necessary for the product to auto-deduct them from stock with each order. 

And if you’re getting low on anything, you can quickly order stock by raising purchase orders, issuing stock receipts and managing stock transfers from your POS system.


To sum it up

Tagrain for Hospitality is perfect for café, restaurant or food and beverage serving establishments, regardless of whether you serve two tables or twenty. So if you want more out of your point of sale software, you can easily add more tools or features to create a restaurant management solution that meets your business needs. 

To experience its benefits firsthand, sign up for a 14-days free trial of Tagrain for Hospitality or get a demo from our hospitality experts and understand why it’s the right fit for your business.

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Bicheng Gu
Bicheng Gu
Product Analyst at Tagrain