How To Perform Sales In Tagrain?

The easiest and the most used type of sale in Tagrain is a quick sale.
On the transaction screen, you can search for the product that you are selling by using either the search bar, selecting on the product itself via the product group tabs, or by using your barcode scanner to scan in items.
When you search for a product like ‘jeans’, the search bar will list all products containing the word ‘jeans’. Also listed with the products are the variants and their available quantity in the store.
Simply click on the products to add them to your transaction. If a product has variants, select the options to get the right product in the transaction list.
There are many options available once a product has been added to the transaction list. Simply click on the item in the transaction list to increase its quantity, extend a percentage or an amount discount and capture instructions as notes.
To remove the product from the transaction list, click the red trash icon You also have the option of extending discounts, charging surcharges and capturing additional notes at the transaction level. You can do so by clicking the appropriate tile of Discount, Surcharge or Notes
After all the items have been added to the transaction list with appropriate discounts, surcharges and notes, click on Pay to proceed to the Payment screen.
If the tendered amount is more than the total price, the application will display the balance to be paid back to the customer. This change amount will also be printed on the transaction receipt. The transaction will automatically print on the printer attached to the Web Register .
To start a new transaction, simply click on "ADD NEW SALE" and you will be taken back to the Enter New Sale screen to start a new transaction.