7 ways to make the most of Black Friday sale and the holiday shopping rush

The holiday season is just around the corner. Many shoppers will be looking to grab bargains on their holiday shopping list, making this the ideal time for businesses to boost revenue. And the best way to utilise these seasonal sales is on Black Friday, which will take place on November 25.

It’s famous for huge deals and steep discounts that attract a huge foot traffic, which is why it’s a big opportunity for every business owner. If you’re wondering whether small and medium-size businesses can also benefit from these shopping events, the answer is yes.

If you play your cards right, you too can use Black Friday to your advantage and have the biggest shopping day of the year. So check out the 7 sure ways to delight shoppers hungry for a deal and get the most out of Black Friday and upcoming holiday season.

1.Run special offers and discounts

Shoppers love a good deal, so you can easily add to the thrill of the Black Friday shopping experience with sweet offers, discounts and combo deals. You can run special Black Friday offers to persuade customers to buy and spend more. Read more about Promotions so you can run well-designed offers to attract new customers, boost sales/conversions, or clear out old merchandise.

2.Streamline checkout to prevent queuing

Traditional POS machines are slow and can't handle a larger order volume, leading to long queues and abandoned sales. To ensure a smooth and fast checkout, you need an easy-to-use web register that can process sales at lightning speed. You can also add temporary mobile POS for the holidays, or set up Customer-facing Displays at your POS for more transparency and speed.

3.Sell wherever your customer are

Selling your products on marketplaces can do wonders for your sales. People mostly go to a popular online marketplace to get the best deals before buying anything. So if your products are available there with a great Black Friday discount, no one will leave without buying. To find the most-suited one for your business, check out top online marketplaces in different continents.

4.Select the best items for discounts

Discounts are good, but they won’t work unless you have a compelling catalogue. You should analyse your past sales reports and identify the best-selling and least-selling items. This way, you can categorise your inventory and include them in your Black Friday discounting strategy to unload your slow-moving inventory and sell more of hot seasonal items.

5.Stack up your stock in advance

The sales on Black Friday are approximately four times larger than on any other day. So if you want to sell more, you need to plan your inventory in advance and get your replenishment timing right. Keep your suppliers and purchasing orders ready, or know how to automate this process with inventory management tools to save time and money by avoiding overstocking/understocking.

6.Offer a better alternative to delivery

Due to the high number of orders during Black Friday, shipping and logistics take quite a long time to deliver the products. However, most shoppers don't want to wait and prefer to pick it up themselves. So offering shoppers in-store pickups can help brick and mortar retailers get more sales since customers can get their products on the same day or next day.

7.Ready your staff for the D-day

You have to get your staff ready in advance to ensure that Black Friday is a roaring success. You can define roles and responsibilities, such as Admin, Sales Manager and Cashier for each staff member. You can also set an individual sales target plan for better reporting, or get a few extra staff on board If you expect more traffic than usual during the holidays.

On the final note

Tagrain can play a substantial role in increasing your Black Friday sales since it has all the functionalities needed to help you achieve all of the above with ease. So don't miss out on leveraging the upcoming shopping rush to boost sales and revenue.

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Bicheng Gu
Bicheng Gu
Product Analyst at Tagrain