Grow sales & profits
with the most advanced
cloud POS system for retail

Manage sales, stock, online orders and back office with a feature-rich and cost- effective retail POS system in USA. Save time and money with all-in-one store management software powering your business!

  • Easy to use & learn
  • Free Set Up & Onboarding
  • No Upfront Hardware Cost

Grow your store
front with a powerful
Point of Sale

Productivity and profitability are at their peak when you have a smart, intuitive online POS system. Manage all parts of your business from a single platform that makes selling and retailing a breeze.


Manage your business from anywhere and continue selling even without the internet.

Multi-outlet retail

Effectively manage single or multiple outlets and scale up your services on the go.

Flexible plans & pricing

Choose the plan and features you need, and pay as you grow without breaking the bank

Online ready

Connect offline and online store for a seamless omnichannel experience and order fulfilment.

Easy-to-use, plug-and-play cloud retail POS software

Streamline your business with smart retail dashboards, web register and store management tools. Whether you run a brick-n-mortar store or multiple outlets, we empower you to serve customers better, reach business goals faster and make more profits to secure your future.

  • Process checkout transactions quickly and easily
  • Simplify stock management and replenishment
  • Boost sales with rewards and personalised promotionsz
  • Be informed with real-time insights and reporting

Smart, flexible point-of-sale built for American retailers

Unlike most retail POS software that are complex and expensive, Tagrain is built to be simple, cost-effective, and adaptable to any business. The whole look and feel of Tagrain have been built for retailers like you, ensuring you get everything you need right where you’d expect.

  • Personalise your point-of-sale to meet your specific needs.
  • Get more advanced features not found in standard POS systems.
  • Avoid unnecessary features designed for other industries.
  • Transparent pricing with no monthly recurring fees or hidden costs.

Get exactly what your business need

Tagrain comes with all the industry-critical functionalities so you can be confident that every component of your business runs seamlessly and aligns with your objectives.

Cafe & Restaurants

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Grocery & Supermarkets

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Fashion Boutiques

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Electrics & Electronics

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Pet Stores

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Furniture & Home Décor

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Toys & Gift Stores

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Charity Stores

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Beauty & Cosmetics

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Sporting Goods
& Gear

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Footwear & Shoe Stores

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Do more and spend less with the most personalised pricing

We know every dollar counts in Retail. You need a solution that empowers you instead of holding you back. We’ve delivered a cost-effective, online POS system with flexible and personalised pricing that lets you pay as you grow.

  • Choose flexible monthly or annual plans as per your convenience.
  • Additional plugins to access more advanced features at a minimal cost.
  • Entry plan for a forever free POS system to start and manage a small store.
  • Free iPad and Android tablet apps for a compact, mobile point-of-sale terminal.


From onboarding to daily operations, we'll be here to help

From setting up shop to helping upload and manage your catalogues, we’ll be by your side the entire time. Sign up for a free trial and get in touch with our dedicated customer success expert to scale your business with ease.