A Better Way to Run Your Retail Store in Thailand

Grow efficiently with Tagrain, a cloud-based retail POS system in Thailand that easily adapts and scales to the unique selling and buying scenarios that your specific business needs.


Tagrain, a retail POS solution that goes beyond point-of-sale

The Thai retail sector has businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, small-scale retailers in Thailand have to deal with intense competition, increasing costs, and changing consumer behaviour. That’s why Tagrain has been designed to be more than just a POS and provide you with all the tools needed to sell effectively and grow efficiently.

Leverage the most versatile solution in the market today

By providing an end-to-end retail POS system for small-scale retailers, we make your business more relevant in today's highly competitive market.

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Helps you improve the in-store experience

Unlike bulky traditional till, Tagrain is a modern POS system that's powerful, faster, and works seamlessly across platforms whilst taking up less space. Plus, you get to run your front and back-of-house all from one place, meaning you can work faster and get more done in less time.

Lets you manage everything on the go

Retailing has never been so easy as you can keep track of all your in-store processes, including orders, inventory, customers and more, in one place. Our simple and intuitive dashboard lets you filter through the platform, sale status, and employee, so you never miss a thing.

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Sell even when you're offline

No need to worry about a spotty Internet connection with the Tagrain POS system. Our cloud-enabled POS system lets you process sales even without the Internet. And when your connection is restored, your sales get automatically synced to the cloud.

Turn every shopper into a loyal customer

Businesses that run loyalty programmes usually see a 30% increase in sales through guest retention and repeat customers. With in-built customer and loyalty management, Tagrain lets you track your customers and incentivise them to ensure they keep coming back to shop more.

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Seamless integration with industry-leading solutions

Small-scale retailers also need a retail solution that enables them to sell online, streamline back-office operations and secure profit margins. Tagrain POS system takes integrations to the next level and seamlessly connects to tools like Shopify and Xero so you can sell the way you want to sell without worrying about the bottom line.

A perfect solution for any business type

Tagrain Smart POS system comes with demo data and customised solutions suitable for various retail businesses. Select the type of your retail business to get the details in depth.

Pricing that’s tailored to you and your business

With our flexible and transparent pricing policy, you can start and grow your business without breaking the bank. Sign up for a 14-days free trial of the ENTERPRISE edition, and you can switch or continue with the same plan at the end of your trial.



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