Compare Product Features

Billed annually
USD 29/mo
CAD 39/mo
AUD 39/mo
NZD 39/mo
SGD 29/mo
ZAR 399/mo
GBP 19/mo
INR 799/mo
Euro 19/mo
Euro 19/mo
MYR 79/mo
PHP 799/mo
THB 499/mo
HKD 199/mo
USD 79/mo
CAD 89/mo
AUD 89/mo
NZD 89/mo
SGD 69/mo
ZAR 799/mo
GBP 49/mo
INR 1599/mo
Euro 49/mo
Euro 49/mo
MYR 159/mo
PHP 1599/mo
THB 999/mo
HKD 399/mo
Billed monthly
USD 39/mo
CAD 49/mo
AUD 49/mo
NZD 49/mo
SGD 39/mo
ZAR 549/mo
GBP 29/mo
INR 999/mo
Euro 29/mo
Euro 29/mo
MYR 99/mo
PHP 999/mo
THB 699/mo
HKD 259/mo
USD 99/mo
CAD 109/mo
AUD 109/mo
NZD 109/mo
SGD 89/mo
ZAR 999/mo
GBP 59/mo
INR 1999/mo
Euro 59/mo
Euro 59/mo
MYR 199/mo
PHP 1999/mo
THB 1299/mo
HKD 499/mo
Plan features
Outlets 1 1+
Registers 1+ 1+
Products Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Customers Unlimited Unlimited
Sell in store
Sell using PC or Mac
Sell using iPad or Android tablets
Product types
Simple products
Serial and batch managed products
Product variants
Composite items
Customer data management
Credit management
Gift cards
Loyalty management
Product catalogue
Vendor management
Inventory transactions
Purchase orders & receiving
Stock transfer between stores
Stock adjustment
Point of sale
Sales & returns
Email receipts
Record store expenses
x-/z- reports
Supported payment methods
Credit card
Gift cards
Loyalty points
Store credit
Email & chat support
Guided tours
Access to the help portal

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