Get Set For Success With An Agile Retail POS System In Malaysia

Grow and modernise your retail business with a powerful yet easy-to-use POS software that helps you maximise revenue by maintaining high customer service standards.


Tagrain, It’s more than just a retail POS system

Unlike most retail POS software in Malaysia, Tagrain comes loaded with everything you need to achieve efficiency quickly. Whether you own a Kedai Runcit or a Kedai Mamak, our all-in-one POS solution lets you run it with ease, from end to end – and beyond.


Keep check of your stock situation in real-time with a built-in retail inventory management solution.


Make sure your customers come back to shop more with a customisable loyalty program.


Always be a step ahead with extensive real-time reports on sales, inventory, profit margins and more.


Accept multiple payments, including cash, credit, or gift cards, to enhance the checkout experience.

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Get your business on the right track

Equip yourself and your staff with the right retail tools to create more meaningful interactions with your customers and improve sales productivity.

  • Manage everyday sales, refunds, returns, and customers in one place.
  • Minimise errors and maximise profits with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to spend more time selling.
  • Find products quickly by searching on the product name, product id, stock number, barcode, or attributes.
  • Define specific roles for administrators, managers, and cashiers to organise individual sales and activities.

Move to cloud to stand out from the rest

Gain a competitive edge by moving your retail business to a cloud-based retail POS software in Malaysia that streamlines your daily operations and delivers exceptional retail experiences.

  • Sell your products in-store or on-the-go using any device, for any outlet, anywhere.
  • Process sales offline as data automatically gets synced once the internet is restored.
  • Keep tabs on sales, inventory, and staff's performances in real-time even when you're out of the store.
  • Add more outlets and web registers and centralise your data across all locations in just a few easy clicks.
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Desktop PC

Take out the guesswork to grow confidently

Make consolidated decisions rather than relying on intuition with retail analytics that collect empirical data to help you understand your business better.

  • Track sales, expenses, and trends with other key metrics to understand how to improve your profitability.
  • performance in real-time across all of the stores by location, product and salesperson.
  • Monitor stock levels across all stores, categories, or other chosen parameters to avoid out-of-stock situations.
  • Record customers' details to develop effective promotions, marketing strategies, and in-store experiences.

Go omnichannel to expand revenue channels

Open new possibilities by streamlining a connection between your store and digital channels to drive great in-store customer experiences and build customer loyalty.

  • Provide a consistent customer experience on various channels and serve a much larger market.
  • Create one centralised system to connect everything, from inventory to sales orders and customers.
  • Use targeted messages and promotions on social channels to trigger sales and improve guest retention.
  • Support various payment methods and tax calculations to never lose out on potential sales.
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Pricing that’s tailored to you and your business

With our flexible and transparent pricing policy, you can start and grow your business without breaking the bank. Sign up for a 14-days free trial of the ENTERPRISE edition, and you can switch or continue with the same plan at the end of your trial.



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Tailored to take your business to new heights

We understand that the products you sell, your workflow, and the scale you grow are unique to your business. So with Tagrain POS, you can easily add industry-specific features to increase profits and manage costs in real-time.

Let's talk about setting your business for success

Provide your retail business with greater flexibility, reliability and visibility than ever before with Tagrain. Speak to our retail specialists to learn about options for your growth.

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