An all-inclusive POS software that perfectly fits your business

We understand that every business is unique, and not every store has the same needs. So, tell us what you sell, we'll tell you how we can help you sell more of it.

A perfect solution for every business type

Like a well-tailored suit, Tagrain is the perfect fit for fashion retailers like you.

Stand out from your competition with bespoke features for clothing stores, such as a matrix product feature to handle multiple attributes in one SKU and a custom loyalty membership program to create exclusive discounts and reward points for your customers.

Tailored to help your store stay on-trend, Tagrain helps you meet customer demands, optimise stock mix and streamline processes throughout the entire supply chain.

  • Matrix inventory grid to add multi-attribute items based on size, colour & style.
  • Identify the best-selling product, track product costs and profit margins.
  • Automatic updates for stock replacements or refills and direct store deliveries.
  • Track customers throughout their shopping journey to build repeat traffic.
  • In-store pickup, delivery and eCommerce integration for omnichannel capabilities.

Provide seamless checkout experience to your daily essential shoppers with Tagrain.

Boost up your checkout process with Tagrain POS system designed for optimising inventory, maximising revenue and maintaining high customer service standards.

One solution is all you need to meet your shopper's regular shopping needs and keep the line moving with a dashboard that allows you to search for products by name, type or brand in a few clicks.

  • Add unlimited products, suppliers, categories and transactions.
  • Define a single product in different units of measurement like CASE, CARTON, etc.
  • Streamline purchase orders with preferred-supplier and multi-manufacturer support.
  • Save time and resources by setting up automatic replenishment of standard stock.
  • Quicker checkout and enhanced service with intuitive tools and dashboards.

An easy-to-use POS software that fits your business like a pair of well-made designer shoes.

Get yourself geared up with must-have features to seamlessly manage hundreds or thousands of SKUs, increase conversions with average order size and keep track of the latest shopping trends to see how the store has been performing.

Keep your lines moving and sell more of what your customers love to buy with a POS system as impressive as the shoes in your display.

  • Manage and sell footwear with different attributes such as colour, size and styles.
  • Import or manually add products' images, manufacturer and much more.
  • Run your business on any device, be it laptops, PCs, iPads or Android tablets.
  • Easy sales & return process, X-/Z- reports for daily transactions and email receipts.
  • Offline mode and zero downtime to ensure no loss of speed or accuracy during peak hours.

Get a POS software that has the right style & design for you to refurbish your retail experience.

Move to the new era of store management with a modern designed technology that enables you to manage your business the way you want.

Arm your sales staff with a feature-rich POS system that lets you take control of your inventory, track customers and complement your catalogues so you can sell more of your products.

  • Add matrix products with multiple attributes into your catalogue.
  • Manage current inventory, stock adjustment, stock transfers between stores.
  • Real-time sale and order data updates to provide an accurate inventory status.
  • Add customers' data manually or in bulk to offer loyalty points and promotions.
  • Check best-selling items, inventory status and staff performance in one dashboard.

Your business is all about electronics, and we have a solution to jump-start your growth.

Get an all-in-one POS solution that has everything to address changing consumers' digital needs and avoid overstocking or stock-outs.

Easily manage the complex process of retail electronics store management so that you can sell electronics or individual parts and provide services like repairs and consultation to serve customers without a glitch.

  • Add serial and batch-managed products to your product portfolio.
  • Organise stock, manage suppliers and oversee stock transfer to avoid errors.
  • Restock with built-in purchase orders and make stock adjustments as per requirement.
  • Find products, check inventory and make transactions on the same system without leaving customers' side.
  • Record costumer's data to create more meaningful interactions and promotions.

Hit a home run with a POS software that's as active as your customers.

Bring your sporting goods & gear business to a whole new league with tools and features designed to help enhance your in-store experience and easily sell online to knock your sales out of the park.

Manage diverse inventory for the individual sports and get equipped to sell from anywhere with the Tagrain cloud POS software.

  • Add products with images and multiple attributes such as size, colour and styles.
  • Add products by serial number or as kits, including accessories, footwear, or other items.
  • Advance search to find products by name, ID, and other categories like brands, vendors, etc.
  • Built-in purchase orders/receiving, stock adjustments and stock transfer.
  • Generate repeat business, word-of-mouth, up-sell and cross-sell for your goods.

Make the in-store experience smoother for your customers and their furry friends.

Take your business to the next level with a POS software that can help you become the one-stop destination for every pet owner's needs.

Our cloud-based POS system is designed to help pet store owners like you reduce turnaround time and provide outstanding customer service.

  • Add unlimited products, suppliers, categories to cater all types of customers.
  • Improve cash flow and increase repeat traffic with loyalty and gift-card management.
  • Capture details of your customers and their pets to know your regulars and what they like to buy.
  • Get sales and product performance reports to gain valuable insights into your business.
  • Connect your POS with the Shopify store to sync your online and in-store operations.

Make sure your business is in good hands with a beautifully designed POS system

Your beauty and cosmetic products don’t have to be the only attractive element of your store. Reimagine your in-store experience with a POS system that provides all the business-building tools you need in an easy-to-use interface.

Now you can manage all of your inventory, employees, and customers from a single platform to serve clients better and sell more merchandise.

  • Add products with images and other attributes to visualise your product catalogue beautifully.
  • Manage and sell variants of standard products based on colours, scents, shades, style.
  • Know more about your customers by collecting their data during checkout.
  • Create all types of promos, including discounts, multi-buys, reward programs and more to improve guest retention.
  • Sell your in-store stock online and vice-versa by connecting your brick & mortar store with the online store.

Gift your customers a quick, smooth shopping experience.

Keep on giving your best with the best-in-class gift shop pos software that helps you sell more of what your customers want to buy for their special occasions.

  • Build a charming catalogue with detailed product information.
  • Manage a wide range of products with ease — from gift cards and novelty items to kids' toys.
  • Record customer’s information like birthdays and anniversaries for a personalised shopping experience.
  • Run special promotions based on seasonality and gifting practices.
  • Sync your online and offline stores to keep all your data in sync, thus saving time and reducing human error.

No matter what type of speciality store you own, one solution is enough for you.

Get everything you need to provide a top-notch buying experience to your customers and upsell your offerings.

Whether you sell souvenirs, office supplies, stationery, gifts stores, or a variety of products, Tagrain has got all the tools and data it needs to secure and grow your business across channels.

  • Import or add products with images and different attributes to make a beautiful catalogue.
  • Add serial and batch managed products, manage suppliers and control inventory with ease.
  • Multiple payment methods to make sure your customer has enough options to pay you.
  • 100% uptime and offline mode to never miss a sale, even during peak hours.
  • An intuitive dashboard to check sales, inventory, staff performance and best selling items.

Don’t see your business type?

Don't worry if you are unable to find your business type! Get in touch with our retail experts to understand how Tagrain is compatible with your business.

Frequently asked questions

1What do I get in the free trial for my business?
When you sign up for Tagrain 14-days free trial, you get to choose a retail vertical that is most appropriate for your business. So your POS software comes loaded with relevant features and meaningful sample data to help you start selling straight away.
2What tools or features are available during my free trial?
Since every business is unique, the requirements are also unique. So, during your 14-days trial, you'll get some personalised features or plugins preactivated depending on your business type. So you have the liberty to use as many plugins you want for free, as per your business requirements.
3How do I find the right hardware for my business type?
Tagrain POS software is compatible with a variety of hardware, including desktops, laptops, iPad, and Android tablets. However, if your business requires additional devices like printers, scanners or cash drawers, go to our hardware page to see our recommended peripherals for quick and easy integration.
4What if I cannot find a category that is related to my business?
If you cannot find your business category, you can choose other retail stores under business types while signing up. Your trial account will come without any sample data, which allows you to set up your POS software as per your business requirements.