As the pandemic continues to disrupt our way of life the health and safety of our people are of paramount importance to us therefore, Tagrain have in place policies and relief protocols to support the mental and physical well-being of our employees.

What assistance is available to current employees

  • A doctor is available for medical consultations for all COVID-19 related symptoms and all such charges will be covered by Tagrain.
  • Special arrangements have been secured with various food suppliers for the provision of home cooked meals for COVID-19 patients, which includes lunch and dinner, this shall be delivered to the patient’s home.
  • We have set up an oxygen cylinder/concentrator inside a company owned vehicle used solely to assist COVID-19 patients who require oxygen, this vehicle can be used in case of medical emergencies if there isn’t an ambulance available, this cab can travel within the Delhi National Capital Region, and all care has been taken to ensure proper sanitisation practices are adhered to.
  • Multiple online accounts are now active for the supply of relevant and important medicines associated with treating COVID-19 ailments. For example, we have online portal accounts with Medplus, 1mg, Netmeds and Medlife to name a few. Delivery of such medication can be made via our company owned COVID-19 response vehicle as well as through the suppliers directly.
  • This Tagrain COVID-19 response team will also keep a close watch on the availability of beds in hospitals and medical institutions in the event of an emergency.
  • We have prepared COVID-19 health kits, which include basic COVID-19 medication and health supplements, which can also be delivered to you in case of emergency.

Covid 19 Relief Policy for current employees

In the tragic event of sudden death or permanent disability of any of our current employees due to COVID-19 related illness, and in addition to the assistance listed above, the following is available to all our current employees;

  • Full employee salary will continue for three months to be paid to the next of kin or spouse of said employee.
  • During the three months subsequent to the death and or permanent disability of said Tagrain employee due to COVID-19, the designated next of kin and or surviving spouse who is unemployed will be given the option to apply for permanent full time employment with Tagrain, commensurate with their level of skill and or prior work experience. On the job training will also be provided.
  • If full time employment cannot be made available to the next of kin due to unavailability to work or a gap in the appropriate skillset, Tagrain will provide a special Family Support Stipend equivalent to Rs. 50k to the spouse or designated next of kin for the next nine months following the initial 3 months of full paid salary.
  • Post 12 months (3 months full salary and nine months of Rs. 50k of family support stipend), Tagrain will also sponsor the education of all surviving children of the affected Tagrain employee right through to completion of their education, including years (10+2).

To gain access to the above mentioned COVID-19 relief aid, you can get in touch directly with our COVID-19 Response Team Manager, Mr. Kuldeep Sharma directly on 9958441555 or email HR at [email protected].

On behalf of Tagrain we take small comfort that we are bonded as a community during this unprecedented time of threat to our health and way of life, and we encourage you to connect with our team should you be feeling threatened by the present COVID-19 situation

Sending you well wishes.

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